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A job seeker is a person who places a job wanted advert.
Most job sites are full of jobs that require you certain skills then with huge numbers applying! PayNOWJobs is a very unique job site that allows hard working potential people the opportunity to sell themselves with a job wanted advert with regional search for potential recruiters.
Any UK resident over the age 16 can place a job wanted advert. Any unemployed person, any worker, student, pensioner, self-employed tradesperson can boost their chances of getting seen by our PayNOWJobs promo campaigns helping people find work.
Due to the current state of the UKs jobs scene, we are offering an extra 51 weeks free jobs wanted promotion after the initial one week avert fee of £3.65 So that works out £3.65 for the whole year! Penny a day if you want to look it at it that way!
PayNOWjobs specialize in easy to get, easy to do unskilled jobs. We accept most general jobs that you would expect to see on main job sites, but where no qualifications needed. Anything else, just check out our terms of use, or email us first.
Job seekers & job recruiters can advertise a job advert in their own region, a different region, or at a discounted rate, all regions! Email us about all regions adverts.
At PayNOWJobs we specialize in simple easy jobs where no qualifications needed, you do not need to provide us with a CV, but nothing stopping you from providing a CV direct to the recruiter.
We can ony be contacted at our contact us form at the main menu of our website. We can then create a contact ticket for messaging by email.