PayNowJobs - Terms of Use

General Rules For Job Posts

PayNOWjobs are promoters of a section of the job market that support the disadvantaged, low skilled or busy students who have little time to learn new skills.

All job posts must not violate any laws, be threatening or obsene, and must not be false or misleading.

Standard advertising job posts are charged at a monthly rate of £50 payable in advance after completing your job advertisement form, with discount for longer periods.

Premium advertising requires specialist attention, and various safety checks with external websites etc, hence higher rate.

Make sure your advert doesn’t discriminate based on age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

Equal treatment in access to employment is protected by law.

All job posts must offer the National Minimum Wage or above.

No duplicate job posts allowed in same region of UK, unless separate paid adverts for different regions.

PayNowJobs at present do not include photos/video or feature advertising, but may consider this in the future.

We do not provide refunds for adverts that violate our job post rules.

* We do not accept the following:-

* We do not accept: Spam, chain letters, pyramid selling schemes, or anything that appears clearly to be a scam.

* We do not accept: Escort or direct links to any pornographic website advertising, however we can allow verified, registered businesses listed on with green flag status that is long established, for advertising of adult glamour modelling or webcam modelling

* We do not accept: Email addresses, tel numbers, street addresses, or website addresses in any of the description fields of your advertisement.

However; Sports massage work is allowed from approved certified masseurs only. Please provide proof.

Please be clear and accurate as possible when describing your job post. PayNowJobs reserve the right to cancel or delete any post it deems unsuitable.

Thank you for advertising with us, we wish you best of luck finding your perfect candidate!